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masones in Cuba 20.05.2010

Hopefully you can help me. I saw this article
http://www.tiwy.com/pais/cuba/masones/eng.phtml. My grandfather was a Mason in Cuba
before Castro. I was wanting to find out information about this but did not know
who to contact. In speaking with the Great Secretary in Cuba, did you hear or know
if they have a membership list? If so, how far back it dates? Any information would
be greatly appreaciated.

thank you.

Re: masones in Cuba 20.05.2010
Dear Angie,

For that kind of information you should contact the Great Loge for sure. There were many changes in masonic system in Cuba since your Grandfather had worked for it. Some Loges were closed, some are still existing.
I'll provide you with all the necessary contacts.
Best wishes!

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