Женская поэзия

Бэтем-Эдвардс Матильда Барбара (Matilda Barbara Betham-Edwards)

Оригинал материала находится по адресу:

A Valentine

What shall I send my sweet today,
When all the woods attune in love ?
And I would show the lark and dove,
That I can love as well as they.

I'll send a locket full of hair,
But no, for it might chance to lie
Too near her heart, and I should die
Of love's sweet envy to be there.

A violet is sweet to give,
Ah stay! she'd touch it with her lips,
And, after such complete eclipse,
How could my soul consent to live ?

I'll send a kiss, for that would be
The quickest sent, the lightest borne
And well I know tomorrow morn
She'll send it back again to me.

Go, happy winds; ah do not stay,
Enamoured of my lady's cheek,
But hasten home, and I'll bespeak
Your services another day !

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