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Бэтем-Эдвардс Матильда Барбара (Matilda Barbara Betham-Edwards)

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Matilda Betham-Edwards, 1836-1919

The first of these two letters refers to a recently submitted unidentified work (probably The Roof of France), which she hopes Bentley's reader enjoyed. She says they will have no difficulty in coming to terms, but she suggests delaying a decision to serialize the story in the magazine Temple Bar. The second letter refers to a discussion with "the late lamented George Bentley" over surrendering the Bentley share of the copyright of her novel The Parting of the Ways, and asks how many copies are left in stock.

Matilda Betham-Edwards. A North-Country Comedy. London: Henry and Co., [1891]. [bottom] Two autograph letters, [ca. 1888], and 30th June, 1895.


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