(Elizabeth Barrett Browning)


Quotes of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (United kingdom)
1605-1682 British Author Physician Philosopher

What monster have we here? A great Deed at this hour of day? A great just deed -- and not for pay? Absurd -- or insincere? (deeds and good deeds)
At painful times, when composition is impossible and reading is not enough, grammars and dictionaries are excellent for distraction. (dictionaries)
Experience, like a pale musician, holds a dulcimer of patience in his hand. (experience)
The Greeks said grandly in their tragic phrase, Let no one be called happy till his death; to which I would add, Let no one, till his death be called unhappy. (happiness)

This race is never grateful: from the first, One fills their cup at supper with pure wine, Which back they give at cross-time on a sponge, In bitter vinegar. (gratitude)
If you desire faith, then you have faith enough. (faith)
I tell you, hopeless grief is passionless. (grief)
What is genius but the power of expressing a new individuality? (genius)
Since when was genius found respectable? (genius)
How many desolate creatures on the earth have learnt the simple dues of fellowship and social comfort, in a hospital. (hospitals)
Who so loves believes the impossible. (love)
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach. (love)
Men get opinions as boys learn to spell by reiteration chiefly. (opinions)
Women know the way to rear up children (to be just). They know a simple, merry, tender knack of tying sashes, fitting baby-shoes, and stringing pretty words that make no sense. And kissing full sense into empty words. (mothers)
God answers sharp and sudden on some prayers and thrust the thing we have prayed for in our face, like a gauntlet with a gift in it. (prayer)
The man, most man, works best for men: and, if most man indeed, he gets his manhood plainest from his soul. (men)
A good neighbor sometimes cuts your morning up to mince-meat of the very smallest talk, then helps to sugar her bohea at night with your reputation. (neighbors)
And lips say God be pitiful, who never said, God be praised. (religion)
The beautiful seems right by force of beauty, and the feeble wrong because of weakness. (beauty)
What is art but life upon the larger scale, the higher. When, graduating up in a spiral line of still expanding and ascending gyres, it pushes toward the intense significance of all things, hungry for the infinite? (arts and artists)
Books succeed, and lives fail. (books - reading)
He, in his developed manhood, stood, a little sunburn by the glare of life. (world)
Eve is a twofold mystery. (women)

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