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Сайт фильма Four Funny Families (Четыре незадачливых семейства), снятого режиссером Верой Зубаревой
Скриншот главной страницы (версия 26 ноября 2009 года)
Адрес сайта: www.fourfunnyfamilies.com

Фильм снят по мотивам четырёх чеховских пьес. Лента получила первое место в конкурсе "Fresh Frames", который проводится ежегодно в Филадельфии на лучший independent film и в настоящее время демонстрируется на кинофестивалях в Америке.

Синопсис фильма (на английском языке)
Four families from Chekhov’s four major plays are living under the same roof in a furniture store that they own. There are four sections in the store – The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, and Cherry Orchard. One day all families call for a big party. As the guests arrive the noisy parties begin in the four corners of the store and people get drunk and wild. Eventually, big scandals seize the families, and a big fire seizes the town, threatening to burn it to ashes. This makes the four families think about the future and their ability to take care of the place they live in. No matter how much they talk about love for their residence, they consider it a big burden and their fondest dream is to get rid of their responsibilities. Eventually, two families propose to sell their estates, one family receives a new owner, and the fourth family decides to leave.

In the end just a few tenants are left in the building, which is about to collapse. Neither new nor old owners can rescue the place that is now covered with weeds, gradually expanding and merging with the mess reigning outside.

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