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Many people wonder about what does TELESILLA mean and how did we gave this name to our hotel!!!

It was 26 years ago when my father, Spiros Filippas, while working for many years in Europe for hotels, bars, pubs and restaurants, had decided to come back to Greece and make his dream come true. His dream was to make a Family run Hotel a Guesthouse where the visitors wouldn't be only costumers but also friends, who would come back with there families and friends again and again. And so he did in 1979.He was  trying to find a really different name for Corfu and so one night while sitting at home he saw in a documentary about History of Ancient Greece this beautiful story:

Telesilla of ArgosAncient Telesilla

fl.c. 494 B.C.

 According to Herodotus, in the late sixth century B.C. the Argives were named the best of the Greeks in the art of music. Following in this artistic tradition, Telesilla lived in Argos in the following century, where she was renowned for her bravery as well as her poetry.

Only one fragment remains of Telesilla's writing, as well as three single word quotes and various references, so it is impossible to judge the quality of her work. She appears to have written on mythological themes and, perhaps, martial poetry. A stele representing Telesilla, the composer of songs, was put in front of a seated statue of Aphrodite near the theatre in Argos. Pausanias describes the scene on the stele in which Telesilla's songs are at her feet while she lifts her helmet to her head.

When the Spartan  defeated the Argive army, Telesilla is said to have armed the Argive women. The story goes that when the Spartans saw their enemy, they retreated out of fear that should they lose, it would be humiliating to have been defeated  by women. This story has met with scepticism. Some think Telesilla roused the forces with her poetry.

So his dream came true and we are happy and proud after so many years to have a family in every single place around the world who think of us and we think of them.

Thank you all for visiting the Telesilla and remember that we wouldnt be where we are and who we are without you.........


Telesilla of Argos


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