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Парвин Этесами (Parvin Etesami)

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Parvin Etesami

Parvin Etesami, ca 1940

Parvin Etesami was born in 1907, Tabriz. Her father was Mirza Yusef Etesami (Etesamolmolk) and she had three brothers.

She left Tabriz to Tehran with her family, in 1912 and lived in Tehran, and made some limited trips in Iran and Foreign countries with her family.

Her primary school was in Tehran. She learned Arabic and Persian literature from her father and accompanied literature meetings, when she was six. Her toys were books.

She composed her first poem in classical style, at eight year she knew most Iranian poets, when she was eleven year old.

She passed high school in "Tehran American Girls' School" and taught two years in this school too.

She worked as a librarian in Theran University and refused the opportunity to commence in the royal court.

Her first collection of poems was published in 1935 and she received 3rd degree Medal of Art and Culture in 1936.

Her poems had social, humanity, learning and mystic concepts and no sign of love and feminism found in her works, as she lived in Iran's evolution period to modernism.

Parvin Etesami married in 1934 and divorced two months later. She died in 1940 from Typhoid fever in Tehran and buried in Qom.


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